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Home Remodeling, Roofing, Kitchen Remodeling & Bathroom Remodeling, Tree Removal & Yard Work

Don't let home remodeling take up your time or bring you down. PropertyCare, located in Charlotte, NC, will take care of your larger property improvement projects for you. If you are in need of assistance with projects that are difficult to handle on your own, don't worry! PropertyCare of Charlotte, NC has the skills and hands-on experience to take care of your home improvement needs. We offer services including roofing, tree removal and a variety of basic home remodeling projects.

For those in need of something more than tree removal or roofing, PropertyCare encompasses vast knowledge in general contracting services including bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, power washing and gutter cleaning or gutter replacement. Call us today to learn more about these and other services we can provide.

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Why PropertyCare is the service for your home improvement project

  • Quality service and an experienced general contractor
  • Pricing within 24 hours depending on size of project
  • Quick turnaround on repairs and maintenance

Home repairs and remodeling are usually time-sensitive. Having a general contractor that will work quickly to provide you with results is critical. Don't waste your time searching for a general contractor. Let PropertyCare come to you and take care of your home remodeling project.

How we'll help you with your property improvement project

Choose PropertyCare today and callĀ 704-207-5004 to arrange an appointment to inspect your property. After we have examined your roof, yard or tree, we'll take measurements and gather detailed information about your project. We will then discuss rates and go to work repairing your property issue.