Don't Let a Fallen Tree Get You Down

Call PropertyCare in Charlotte, NC for tree removal services

If you have a fallen tree on your property or big branches that need to be removed, turn to the professionals. For any of your large yardwork projects, PropertyCare in Charlotte, NC is the service to call.

Our primary concern is making sure that you remain safe on your property. If you're in a dangerous situation due to property damage or weather complications, PropertyCare of Charlotte, NC can take care of you. Our property cleanup and yardwork services include:

  • Fallen tree removal
  • Damaged tree removal
  • Large tree branch removal
  • Weed removal
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Yard cleanups

We use professional Stihl chainsaws to cut down trees and/or tree limbs. We'll haul away the debris and take organic materials to a local recycling center where tree particles may be chipped for other organic types of re-use. Call now to schedule your tree removal service in Charlotte, NC today!

PropertyCare wants to improve your property with superior maintenance and care. We'll handle your large yardwork and tree removals in Charlotte, NC. Call us today and we'll take care of your yardwork needs and haul the debris away for you.

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Charlotte, nc tree removal services